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Talent, sheer talent is essential, vital for every organization but it is latent and can be discovered and tapped only through the most scientific and methodical approaches in Human Resources Management. APS employs the most scientific tools and the modus operandi in harnessing the most meritorius and genial professionals.
APS provides for flexibility and choice in the recruitment modes to companies of any size, scope and magnitude. We cater to the needs of all the companies irrespective of scope of the operations of the organization, SME or Big companies. We provide Permanent Recruitment to those companies who wish to recruit personnel on a permanent basis for a long tenure.
Resource Methodology
APS employs all possible modes of searching and identifying candidates required for various clients in myriad specializations. We have a database of various professionals from all parts of India and abroad. We leave no stone unturned to gather every qualified and valued resume. Resumes of qualified professionals are also collected through Referrals and other Headhunting measures. We also have good contact with managers and senior executives of various companies apart from tie-up with other similar companies.
The candidates are interviewed by senor professionals from every domain to evaluate job aspirant’s knowledge, skills and aptitude for specific position and make amply sure that candidate fits the bill exactly. Companies can rest be assured of the availability of quality of resumes we source from which they could finally recruit most eligible professional after completing their pre-recruitment interviews, skill tests and other evaluation procedures
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